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My Thoughts About The Tragic Passing Of Anthony Bourdain


When I woke up this morning, I looked on my phone and saw the tragic news.  At first, I really could not believe it.  Because I just woke up, but when I turned on the TV and saw the local news was talking about it, then it became real.  Anthony Bourdain killed himself in a suicide.  I mean, he had a dream job many of us including myself would love to do!  And he really showed no signs of himself being depressed while out in the public or on TV.   Anthony Bourdain became one of the top foodies on the planet.  And along with his great storytelling, he was making some really good TV that was awesome to watch.

His current series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was a great hour of television worth watching on CNN.  Heck, his past TV series on Travel Channel and Food Network was also worth watching.  Anthony Bourdain told great stories about the people and food he visited in each episode.  And Anthony Bourdain was not afraid to travel to different and interesting places around the entire planet.  What I liked about Anthony Bourdain, he was not afraid to travel to places many Americans would never visit or were too afraid to visit.  He was an advocate of seeing people travel to far away and different places, even if it was to a nearby place, and meet the local people and try their local foods as well.

Anthony Bourdain also wanted people to travel so it could make people become aware of different / diverse cultures and people around the world.  It was not only about the different foods he tried, it was also about featuring the people of different countries and cultures.  And to remove the prejudice some people might have about different people and cultures.  Traveling to different places should change a person.  It should make a person aware of different cultures and people around them.  And, it should remove any doubts, questions, and already formed opinions of different people a person might have.  Travel is the ultimate quest to learn and experience the world around you.

Anthony Bourdain helped to open my eyes about how cool and great being a foodie was.  And he also opened my eyes about the different people and cultures you see all around the planet.  I am a person who likes to experience the interesting foods, and meet and experience the different and diverse cultures one can experience.  I think people have to get out of their protected shells, where they only experience the people and culture where they live and block out people with different viewpoints.  It is good for people to travel to a new and far away place, and see how people live differently, see and experience what the people eat, meet the people living in a different culture, and meet people who probably have different viewpoints than you, even if you are scared or afraid of certain people.

Anthony Bourdain also showed me to accept and learn the differences from different people and cultures.  There are many exciting and cool things you can experience and learn when you encounter different people and cultures.  You can make friends with people who think differently, have different views on politics, who has a different skin color, and people who might have a disability.  It’s okay to accept differences!  I have had the sad experiences of some people bashing and trashing me because I am different, I have a disability, I have different viewpoints, I do interesting things hardly anyone else does.  I believe that meeting different people from different cultures is a very positive thing everyone should do!

You should never have your viewpoints trapped in a small cocoon.  And the best way to meet different people and learn their lives, is around the dinner table!  Food brings people of all viewpoints together.  I hope people, especially those with very narrow viewpoints, decides to open their minds, learn from people with different viewpoints and experiences.  Anthony Bourdain’s most important message was to learn from everyone, and experience people and foods from all over planet Earth.  Godspeed Anthony Bourdain, you will be sorely missed!  I am embedding my favorite moment from Parts Unknown below, when Anthony Bourdain experiences the Waffle House for the first time.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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