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Good News Fridays: Jacksonville State Basketball Player Surprise Mom Visit


Ah, this is a cute story!  Senior forward Norbertas Giga is from Lithuania and came to the United States in 2013 and currently plays men’s basketball for the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks.  During this time, Norbertas has not seen his mother.  Norbertas is a senior forward for the basketball team and is currently playing at the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament in Evansville, Indiana.

Norbertas was called into a conference room for what he thought would be a one-on-one film study.   And the coaches told him to not mind the cameras since they wanted to document everything.  The cameras were there for another purpose, because mom was waiting behind the door.  That’s right, Norbertas mom came to Indiana, and Norbertas could not believe it!  What a wonderful reunion!  Here are videos documenting this great surprise!


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