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View Nathan’s 2015 Christmas Video, Christmas Card, And Christmas Letter



So, in this post I am going to feature a Christmas video no one has seen yet.  I am also going to feature my 2015 Christmas card and letter that only those who have gotten letters or packages from me has only seen.  So, let’s feature my 2015 Christmas video!  I was going to record this in my apartment, but because of the problems happening there, I had to find another quiet place to record it.  Anyways, here is the 2015 Christmas video!

Here is my 2015 Christmas card!  The card this year is a parody of some of the wild things going on in the world of Alabama politics!  And yes, I also geeked it out!  From Darth Vader preventing an lottery vote, filling the closed state parks with zombies, Donald Trump kicking out the smart people, some areas canceling Christmas because some in Montgomery thinks no funding is good, and several vets only caring about killing animals in shelters because of greed!  Yep, 2016 ought to be another wacky year in Alabama politics!

Below is the Christmas letter everyone who got a Christmas card also got!  I hope you enjoy it!

What a wild ride!  I began Young’s Blog, then renamed as Geek Alabama in August 2011.  And since the beginning, I have grown to become a very popular website not only in Alabama, but the other southeastern states as well.  For example, as I am writing this I am getting event requests from Tennessee and Georgia.  And, I am getting e-mails from people from around the country and the world to either submit a guest post, review their product, or talk about their projects like their videos or infographics.  And this continues to grow each and every day!

Some of the biggest things I have done include doing an amazing car review weekend with a Toyota Corolla in Atlanta, I have also covered several amazing conventions and did interviews with actors and actresses from The Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, Syfy shows, and more!  Doing convention coverage also means also covering the lesser known people doing some great work like artists, authors, and gamers!  I have also done some amazing interviews online including the YouTube sensations Kid President and Classic Alice, and with people who work on amazing TV shows like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and more!

And of course, I do a lot more including event coverage where I have covered everything under the sun from concerts, charities, parades, endurance events, car shows, hot air balloon festivals, fundraisers, motorcycle rides, races, sports, and anything else you would call an event!  So, I think Christmas 2015 is going to be a wonderful time not only for me, but the Geek Alabama site as well.  After we celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season, Jesus Christ, and we ring in 2016 by watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, you are going to see some big changes!

First off, everyone has been asking for a better designed site, and it will happen, I am spending this December behind the scenes getting everything ready, and the move will also include a move to self-hosting, finally I know!  I am also getting ready to start doing even more videos, on top of the videos I do already.  I plan on doing more reviews in Aspie Reviews, geek/nerd culture talk with The Southern Geek, Aspie Vlogs, Guy’s Cuisine recipes, events, Geek Nerd Poly podcasts, and I plan on doing gaming videos as well with Geek Alabama Gaming.  I mean, you can’t run a geek/nerd site without doing gaming stuff.  I will also start doing more animal/pet coverage with Geek Alabama Pets, and even begin a “day” holiday with National Cartoon Day.  I will also start a weekday video series called Coffee With Nathan!  This will be on top of the posts and presentations/infographics I already do!

So, to celebrate the Christmas season, included is a handdrawn Christmas card parodying some political problems in Alabama, which will also get more coverage on Geek Alabama in 2016.  From Darth Vader staying in the dark side and not allowing an vote on the lottery, Donald Trump getting even crazier, state parks closing and filling up with zombies, several veterinarians who would rather euthanize pets and ponies because of greed, and even some areas cancelling Christmas celebrations because of lack of funds.  I geeked out my card with Alabama politics, which is currently crazy, and will be talked about more in 2016!  How many more political talk shows and political areas will I be banned from in 2016, I guess I will find out!

So, to wrap up this letter.  I want to thank you for hanging along with me!  You got this letter and Christmas card because you either worked with me in 2015, you are family and/or friends, you left some cool comments on my content, or I just found you as cool!  As you can tell, I have high functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.  Anyone with an mental or physical disability can be an success, I am right now proving that!  And pushing the haters aside.  Thank you for reading!  And let’s have an rocking 2016!

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