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The Latest Victim Of The Offended Virus, Starbucks Coffee


Have you heard the news?  There is a new virus strain going around.  If you catch this virus, it causes you to complain and criticize anything around you!  The virus is called the offended virus.  And I hope you don’t catch it anytime soon, because many already have!  The latest example of people being “offended” over something is with Starbucks Coffee.  This Christmas season, Starbucks decided to go with a simple and plain red cup with their logo, that’s it.  But, some pastor out in Arizona was so offended that there was no Christmas message on their cups, that he went to Facebook to vent and complain.

Now, some people are so offended that they are using the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks to show some “political correctness.”  What!  You have nothing better to do than to complain and be offended over some coffee cup?  Grow up man!  Quit being a whiny baby!

You do realize that retail and restaurants like to go with different Christmas campaigns each year.  And it’s not like Starbucks is just ignoring Christmas.  They have other items to celebrate the Christmas season.  You know what is really the problem, people who spend way too much time watching cable news, reading blogs, or reading social media, and then get worked up because something went viral, like the pastor’s Facebook video.

While I can not control those who love to complain, I know of a simple and very easy cure for the offended virus.  Take a media break!  That’s right, turn off the TV news, click away from the news sites, and log off from social media.  Get outside, do a hobby, talk to friends in person, read, do something different so the offended virus can leave you, hopefully forever!  Because this country can not have more people with the offended virus, we have too many people already affected!

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