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Animation Monday: Two Seasons Recap Of Rick And Morty


Yes, two Animation Mondays on one week, on a Tuesday!  Recently, the second season of the animated series Rick and Morty wrapped up, with a cliffhanger!  And because Williams Street and Adult Swim are based in Atlanta, I feel obligated to talk about this!  In the season finale, Birdperson was shot to death, a bunch of alien criminals on the run were shot to death in a shootout, and Rick did the weirdest thing you thought he would do and turned himself in.  At the same time, Earth joined the galactic federation, and has become an alien vacation paradise.  Anyways, there will be a lot of things that will have to be told in season three.  But for now, I wanted to talk about three reasons why Rick and Morty is one of my top cartoons!

Aren’t afraid to parody things

Parody dogs talking and taking over, done!  Parodying The Purge on another planet, done!  Parodying the splitting of time, done!  As you can see, the writers of Rick and Morty are not afraid of parodying and making fun of other things in our pop culture.  Some of the things I liked in season two was Rick’s car negotiating a peace treaty between spiders and the government.  I also liked Rick and that alien cat girl dancing in the blood of those they just killed.  Yeah, season two featured plenty of funny and weird things.

The wide variety of aliens

The animators have a field day coming up with new alien species and cultures.  Sure, there are other cartoon series that have come up with newly created species in outer space.  But, Rick and Morty has blown that door wide open with new alien species in almost every episode.  The geeks and nerds out there love the shows that explore and see what could be out there in outer space.  A good example is a planet in the season finale they visited that has a yelling sun, funny stuff!

Breaking the fourth wall

This show is not afraid to break the fourth wall.  In every episode after the credits, you get to see some extra segment that does not make any sense in the episode you just watched.  Also, the characters, especially Rick, have become fourth wall breaking masters!  Every episode features several times where the fourth wall is broken, and it makes for a good cartoon.  Along with breaking the fourth wall, the writing and character dialogue is excellent!

As you can see, Rick and Morty is a cartoon you should be checking out.  You will have plenty of time to check out the first two seasons, because just like the character at the end of season two, season three will come in like a year and a half.  More likely, season three will come in late Summer 2016; I can’t wait to see how Rick gets out of prison!

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