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My Thoughts About Ahmed Mohamed And The Homemade Clock


I mean come on, stereotyping someone because of the color of their skin, this is so 50 years ago, right?  Sadly it’s not, even in today’s world there are some people who will judge another person based on their skin color or voice.  I mean, the teacher must have thought that this certain skin color must have been an automatic Muslim.  So if you have been living under a rock this week, a 14-year-old Texas student named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.  Here is what the clock looked like.

The kid showed his homemade clock to one teacher, but another teacher thought it was a bomb!  I would say this, if this person was white skinned, I don’t think this overreaction would be a problem.  What happened next, the police was called, Ahmed was arrested, and was suspended from school.  Oh don’t worry, Ahmed will never return to MacArthur High School in Texas.  I mean, a homemade clock as a dangerous item, what world do we live in?  Thankfully charges were dropped.  And this photo below is disgusting!  We should be celebrating people who invents things in America, not handcuffing them!

Even though there are some who views anyone as Muslim as “evil people.”  Many, including me are celebrating what Ahmed invented, and many on social media have been using the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed to celebrate Ahmed!  And many well known people have noticed this story.  President Obama loves Ahmed’s invention and has invited him to the White House!

Twitter wants to have him for an internship.

Ahmed will get to go to Space Camp in Alabama for free!

Mark Zuckerburg wants him to visit Facebook!

Chris Hadfield wants him to visit Canada!

And there are many more awesome things Ahmed will get to do!

This is just the beginning, and I hope Ahmed Mohamed enjoys these great experiences!  Keep on inventing Ahmed, and don’t worry, there are other schools who wants you, you will end up in an awesome school that does not care about which religion or skin color you are.  As for the people who are Muslim bigots, grow up man!  Not all Muslims are evil, bloodsucking, terrorists who are planning the next terrorist attack in America.  Maybe you need to quit reading and watching these right-wing news sites/shows?

It’s time for everyone in America to accept others, no matter what a person’s skin color, character, or religion is.  Ahmed was not an evil kid, he is a brilliant and smart kid who has a lot to bring to tech companies in America!  Don’t be scared of those who hates your character Ahmed, just keep charging forward!  And for those who are haters, get over it!  There are more religions in this world other than Christianity, maybe you need to get out and travel, and experience other cultures!  Just like this photo below, America sadly still has the haters out there, and it’s sad!

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