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The Kansas State Band Used The USS Enterprise For Something Naughty


Yep, this happened over the Labor Day Weekend.  The Kansas State marching band thought doing a halftime show like what you see with Ohio State would rock the geeks and nerds out there.  Instead, well I will let you watch below.

The band used the Star Trek ship the USS Enterprise to fly into the mouth of the Kansas Jayhawk.  Sure, it should have been amusing, but many have interpreted this as a sex act.  Or, male genitalia going into the Jayhawk’s mouth.  Sadly, many people were angry about this, including William Shatner.

Now, the band’s director has been suspended for one game when Kansas State plays Kansas, and Kansas State will pay a $5,000 fine to the Big 12.  Even releasing a blueprint from the show is not helping things!

So what is the lesson here?  Think about your formations before approving them for the game!

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