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Watch The New Fine Brothers Show Six Degrees Of Everything On TruTV


I am involved with the YouTube community, so when someone from YouTube is about to premiere a new TV show, I talk about it!  And starting tonight on TruTV, The Fine Brothers will host a new show called Six Degrees of Everything!  TruTV’s brand new series Six Degrees of Everything is a fast-paced, comedic show hosted by Benny and Rafi Fine, who spend each week proving that anything in the world — and they mean anything — can be connected in six degrees. Using every tool in their belt, from sketch comedy to original songs and reality segments, the guys take viewers down the comedic rabbit hole, uncovering fascinating facts and connecting our world in hilarious, inventive ways.

This is not the first time The Fine Brothers have had a show on TV.  They have also made the Nickelodeon show React To That.  Here is a trailer to Six Degrees of Everything!

Six Degrees of Everything will be a comedy reality show that is developed by Fine Brothers Entertainment and Marc Summers Productions.  Episode one which you will see tonight is called Einstein to Breast Implants, in which the Fine Brothers show how Albert Einstein connects with breast implants within six degrees of separation.  There will be 10 half-hour episodes for season one, and if you like sketch comedy, interesting interviews, and segments like what you see on the Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel, this show is for you!

One important point, The Fine Brothers is wanting Six Degrees of Everything to be very successful.  Because if the show is a hit, it will show the TV industry that people from YouTube can be good TV hosts!  And it will give the opportunity to other YouTube folks to have a TV show!  So, give Six Degrees of Everything a shot tonight!  It premieres at 8:30 pm Central on TruTV.  Look for a review of the show on Geek Alabama, since the local cable company sucks here, and does not carry TruTV, I will have to rely on the torrents to watch this show, that sucks!  To get a taste of this show, here is the first seven minutes of episode one!

Learn more about Six Degrees of Everything at:

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