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Keep Up With Your Favorite TV Shows With The TV Calendar


Do you love watching your favorite TV shows, but you don’t have the equipment necessary like a cable box to remind you that a new episode of your favorite show is coming up?  Do not fear!  I have found a new website where you can list your favorite TV shows, and know when a new episode is coming up.  And if you forgot, you will be reminded that you have an unaired episode!  The website is called the TV Calendar.

It’s simple to set up!  You create a profile, and scroll and select your favorite TV shows.  Then, you click that you have watched every episode of that show, and from now on, if a new episode is coming, you will know about it!  I created a profile, and so far I have spent over seven months watching TV.  If it was a 9 to 5 job, it would be over 2 years!  So, want to know which TV shows I like to watch?  See the shows below or click the link!

To get started yourself, go to:

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