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The Alabama Legislature Wants To Solve The Budget Crisis With An Sex Tax


As we all know, the Alabama Legislature is currently meeting down in Montgomery and coming up with several ways to screw most of its citizens.  One of the ideas being floated around by Rep. Jack Williams is a very weird one!  His bill would tax any sexually oriented materials with a 40% sales tax.  That would be on top of the sales taxes already in place.  So here in Anniston for example, a purchase of a Playboy Magazine would mean a 50% sales tax!  So what would qualify as sexually oriented materials you ask?

The new tax would apply to any book, magazine, newspaper, printed or written matter, writing, description, picture, drawing, animation, photograph, motion picture, film, video tape, pictorial presentation, depiction, image, electrical or electronic reproduction, broadcast, transmission, video download, telephone communication, sound recording, article, device, equipment, matter, oral communication, depicting breast or genital nudity, or sexual conduct.  The tax would also apply to anything only adults could buy, like violent video games for example!  So want to buy an adult game like Call of Duty, be prepared to pay up to a 50% sales tax if this bill passes.

The 40 percent tax would not apply to movies in a movie theater with an “R” or “NC-17” rating.  But, anything else only available to people over 18 years old would most likely have the 40% special tax applied to it.  And for us in the geek and nerd world, this could be a disaster!  Many of us love getting things that only people over 18 years old can get, like video games for example.  So, if this 40 percent tax passes, if I wanted to get a violent video game that has become very popular, I and many others would simply drive to a neighboring state to purchase it!  I mean, going to buy a $50 violent video game with this new tax would mean an extra $25 in taxes!

I could go to Georgia, get the game, and at the same time get groceries and other things and come back to Alabama.  And who cares about that “Use Tax” form you have to fill out when you make purchases out-of-state when you do your state taxes, I will just ignore it!  So I think this “Sin Tax” idea is a way too stupid idea!  I guess we are seeing the true colors of the clowns down in Montgomery, I guess most of them hate the geeks and nerds.  I wonder if they hate Huntsville too, which is full of geeks and nerds?  If they do, Huntsville should break away from Alabama and become its own state or join Tennessee.  Hey, Huntsville has been already screwed by the bozos in Montgomery before!

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