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Catch My Favorite Political Show, The Voice of Alabama Politics, On YouTube


I am surprised that The Voice of Alabama Politics only gets around 500-1000 views each week on YouTube, it should be getting a lot more, because these people are very honest about the crazy happenings inside the Alabama Legislature!  “The V,” The Voice of Alabama Politics, is a once a week, comprehensive TV news source for everything Alabama politics. It is an extension of Alabama Political Reporter, a five-day-a-week news source for politics in the Yellowhammer State.

These guys have gotten some trouble finding enough revenue to air this show on TV stations across Alabama.  I mean this is Alabama, where if you are not for the right, you can be screwed and left behind.  The show is back on some TV stations and is on the Alabama Cable Network.  But here in Anniston, the best way to watch this show is on YouTube, and more people needs to be watching this show!

The show is aired and uploaded to YouTube each Sunday.  Here is last week’s show below!  Why not go ahead and subscribe to the aprthev YouTube channel and keep up with some honest and hard-hitting Alabama political news!

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