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Roadscapes Wednesday: Videos Of The Autostrada Del Sole


This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I wanted to showcase more videos from the Italian Autostrada network, and this week let’s showcase the A1 or Autostrada Del Sole through the Tratto Appenninico.  The YouTube channel astey highways showcased this 1960’s built highway both ways!  And soon, this highway will be updated with a new modern 6-lane autostrada.

In both videos, you see construction of the new autostrada.  The construction project is called the Variante di Valico, and it will include a 8.6 km tunnel, other tunnels, and plenty of new modern viaducts.  The older autostrada will stay in service after the new road is opened, hopefully by the end of this year!  Enjoy both directions of this classic A1 autostrada, filled with plenty of traffic!

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