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Why I Support The Boy Scouts Banning Water Gun Fights


Well, some people are going to be angry about this.  I have written articles about why dodgeball and corporal punishment should be banned from schools.  The reason I wrote those articles is because I don’t support seeing kids or adults hitting other kids.  Now, the Boy Scouts have done something I agree with!  They are not banning things like swimming, they are just banning the use of toy water guns.  They can still use toy water guns for target practice, just not for firing at other people, a good move!

You see, when I was a kid, I was a major target of bullying.  Some other kids would get out and soak me with a water gun or with water balloons, even if the weather was cold and snowy, that is not fun!  I do not like other people playing pranks on me, and I am sure other kids have the same opinions as me, and they don’t want to be pranked on, even if the weather is very hot.  According to a scouting blog post, it’s not just water guns that are banned.

Now some of you might be saying, what fun can the Boy Scouts do?  Well, according to the same blog post, the Boy Scouts can do plenty of fun things like these!

I know, some of you might say that I am too soft, or I need to get a life.  But, I do not support any activity where a person has to hit or harm another person.  You never know, that other person might be sensitive or have autism, and they don’t want others to harm them.  That other person might have also come from a life of major bullying or child abuse, and they don’t want to be harmed.  I want to support safe activities!  Not support things that hurts or harm others!  That is all I am asking!

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