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The Screen Savers Is Coming Back To Our Geeky/Nerdy Screens


Back in the 1990’s, a new show on ZDTV, then Tech TV, made all of us geeks and nerds happy!  The new show was called The Screen Savers, and it featured tech talk, geek talk, showing new tech products and software, showing how to fix and work tech products, taking calls and chats from the audience, and more!  The show was something I loved to watched, until Tech TV was snatched up by the Comcast and G4 monsters, and the show was eventually cancelled.

Leo Laporte was co-host of the show, and after he was let go from this show and Call For Help, he started a new online netcast network called This Week In Tech, or TWiT.  And it helped to change how us in the geek and nerd world gets our tech, geek, and nerd news and information.  Now, The Screen Savers is back!

The variety show for tech will be called The New Screen Savers.  The show stars Leo Laporte and is co-hosted by Megan Morrone, Mike Elgan, Jason Howell, Father Robert Ballecer and Bryan Burnett.  In the show, viewers will get live tech help, interesting guests, insights into the latest innovations, products and trends, plus lots of fun things thrown in, too.  And if you liked the former hosts, you are in luck!  There will also be special guest co-host appearances from Patrick Norton, Kate Botello, Kevin Rose, Martin Sargent, and more.

The New Screen Savers will be produced every week starting May 2, 2015 and will be available for download on your favorite podcast subscription service.  The New Screen Savers will record live, every Saturday at 5 pm Central.  You will be able to watch live at:  And if you miss the show, it will be made available for download and streaming later in the evening!  Get pumped!

Learn more about TWiT at:

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