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Domino’s Wants Your Pictures Of Stores Using It’s Old Name


Domino’s used to be called Domino’s Pizza, until they changed their name to Domino’s.  The name changed in 2012 because the brand is about so much more than pizza.  To make sure that franchisees fall in line with the new naming, the company is asking fans to upload photos to Instagram that depict storefronts that are still using the old logo.  Just like what I have done.

To participate, you need to upload pictures of stores using the old Domino’s Pizza logo to Instagram, and use the hashtags #LogoInformants and #Sweeps before April 27.  You could be one of ten people to win free pizza for a year or one of 1,000 people to win a $10 Domino’s gift card.  Yummy, rat out stores using the old logo and have them make free pizza for me, that sounds like a deal!

Have fun ratting out Domino’s stores!  And to learn more about this contest, go to:

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