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Alabamians on Reality Shows: Winter/Spring 2015 Edition


It’s time for another edition of Alabamians on Reality Shows.  For this Winter/Spring, we have several people in this state who will be on national TV.  So, let’s run down who is on TV!

Bride By Design / Heidi Elnora

The first season of the TLC show Bride By Design premieres on Friday March 27th at 8 pm.  Heidi Elnora is based in the Birmingham Metro and has a shop in the Pepper Place area of downtown.  The network aired the pilot last Summer and liked it so much that there will be a 10 episode first season.  The show will focus on the Alabama native’s mission to help create unique bridal gowns for the clients who visits her Birmingham-based shop.

The season premiere will feature a bride named Tia looking to stand among her fellow brides as the eighth woman to get engaged to a member the Atlanta Braves in one year.  The show takes viewers into Elnora’s process as a designer, and from her time on Project Runway, things have been up and down for Heidi.  She was hit by a drunk driver in Atlanta, and she came back home to Alabama and fell in love with her new husband named Jeff.

Elnora credits her husband for her ability to balance life as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and now TV star.  Here is a sneak peek video from TLC.  Learn more about Heidi Elnora at:  Follow her on Twitter @HeidiElnora

The Amazing Race

This season of The Amazing Race has a couple from Tuskegee, Alabama!  This season, the show shaked things up by having all couples who are dating, and some teams even featured blind dates for the entire race!  Lebya “Libby” Simpson and CJ Harris are dating and were called Team Tuskegee.  Sadly, if you have not seen the first two episodes of this season, don’t read below!

The first episode featured the team getting bad directions.  The second episode featured the team missing a train, getting bad directions, and having a bad taxi driver.  So, the team was eliminated after the second episode, too bad!  Watch The Amazing Race Fridays at 7 pm on CBS.

Antiques Roadshow

One of the best reality shows is about to air the episodes filmed in Birmingham last year!  On Monday nights starting on March 30th, April 6th, and April 13th.  The episodes will air on Alabama Public Television at 7 pm Central Monday nights.  You can also see the episodes at 8 pm Central Thursday nights, and Sunday afternoons at 4 pm Central.  And yes, one of the most popular videos on the Antiques Roadshow YouTube channel has to be that parody Toshiba 2008 TV filmed in Birmingham!


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