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Four Films You Can Enjoy For The Perfect Valentine’s Day


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It’s crunch time!  With less than two days to go until Valentine’s Day, if you haven’t started planned the perfect date for you and your sweetheart, you need to come up with some ideas – and fast. Thankfully, there’s always inspiration to be found in Hollywood. Whether you’re single or taken this weekend, there are plenty of films out there to put you in the mood for love. Read on for four of my favorites!


Could the love story between two robots really be all that romantic? The answer here is “yes.” When the rusty and wobbly Wall-E meets sleek and shiny Eve, he falls head over wheels. After she lands on his planet (a future Earth, choked with trash and landfill waste) looking for signs of life, he takes the opportunity to show her around – becoming more smitten with each passing moment. As the story progresses, he chases her into space – ultimately landing on a space station filled with fellow Earthlings. A beautiful animated movie, Wall-E could charm his way into the coldest of hearts.

Edward Scissorhands

A dark and fantastical romance, this film showcases the immense talent of both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Edward, the main character, is a man made from science. Unfortunately, the scientist responsible for his creation died before he could complete the project, leaving Edward with unwieldy scissors for hands. When Peggy the local Avon lady comes calling to his immense Victorian mansion, she takes pity on him and welcomes him home to the family. Edward, however, can’t take his eyes off Peggy’s teenage daughter, Kim (played by Winona Ryder). Like any tale of young romance, there are moments of both joy and pain in the film. Thankfully, true love wins out in the end.


When it was released back in 2001, Amelie quickly became a surprise international sensation. Filled with tiny instances of everyday tenderness, the film offers many playful, funny examples of love’s different forms. Audrey Tautou is a perfect for the role of a beguiling-but-lonely waitress, and Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack is sentimental without being overly sweet. A whimsical, modern-day fairytale, it’s perfect for anyone who loves French cinema, the city of Paris, or just the romantic ideals they have come to represent. Now available on DVD as well as on demand (click here for more info) you don’t have to fly all the way to Europe to experience the magic of Amelie’s world.


Moonrise Kingdom

Two young lovers take to the hills in this quirky romance from Wes Anderson. Set in the 1960’s, Sam and Suzy are two precocious kids on their first adventure away from the watchful eyes of adults. Suzy is headstrong and independent, while Sam is a bit more of a nerd – but they make things work, sharing plenty of sweet moment together before the curtain falls. Featuring a slew of famous faces such as Bruce Willis, Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day movie for your favorite film lover.

Are there other Valentine’s Day movies you recommend to get you into the love mood?  Leave a comment below!

This post was written by Beth Kelly.

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