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Five Reasons The New DreamVision Muscle Shoals Theme Park Is Nothing More Than Talk


It is very hard to imagine a new theme park coming to the Muscle Shoals area, it’s just really is.  I mean, who has $3.5 billion dollars to build a 1,400 acre theme park in the first place?  DreamVision SoundScape says they will be building a new theme park for the Muscle Shoals area that will open in 2019.  They even had a large press conference this week, and even after the conference, I don’t believe you will ever see the theme park built.  And if it’s built, it will struggle to survive.

This almost sounds like that Simpsons episode where a guy comes in promising a new monorail in Springfield.  You spend boatloads of money to build it, and it falls apart and never works.  In the video clip below, the people who believes in this are like the Springfield citizens, sold a horrible product, and skeptical this will never work.

Hey, you can hype up your press conference all you want with college bands and cool videos, but I believe this is something that will be never be seen in the Muscle Shoals area.  And I will list five reasons why the new Muscle Shoals theme park will never happen!

1.  The $3.5 Billion Pricetag

They say the entire park will be built with private money.  But taxpayer money would be needed to help move the Alabama Music Hall of Fame most likely.  And what about the land, the investors are looking at land in Muscle Shoals, but nothing has been put out saying land has been purchased.  And what about infrastructure, like water, sewer, and power.  Cities would have to spend millions to upgrade!

When you see a parody Twitter account called @FakeDreamVision pop up on Twitter, you know something is not right about this whole amusement park thing.

2.  DreamVision’s Track Record

The same company proposed a 5,000 acre theme park to be built in Fort Worth, Texas back in 2013.  So far, nothing has happened!  The company even held a similar press conference to the one seen in Muscle Shoals taking about the new Texas theme park, but nothing has been built, and nothing has been changed in the Fort Worth area.  I will believe it when I see the new Muscle Shoals theme park built and open to the public.

3.  No Major Highway Access

Muscle Shoals has no major highway access.  The nearest freeway is over an hour away.  And you have to drive on 4-lane roads with numerous traffic lights to reach Muscle Shoals.  If you look at the major theme parks down in Orlando, there are numerous toll freeways connecting the parks.  And also, the nearest major airport is over an hour away.  And the Huntsville airport is the most expensive airport to fly out of in the world!  If the theme park became reality, ALDOT better spend some money building a freeway to the shoals.

4.  Other Theme Parks Don’t Do Well In Alabama

Other theme parks in Alabama are struggling!  Let’s look at Visionland, then Alabama Adventure. The park has changed owners several times and even closed the entire amusement park side and only kept the water park side open, until new owners bought the place.  Other water parks and theme parks in Alabama have not fared so well.  So, what is to believe that this theme park will do well in Alabama?  A theme park 10 times the size of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will struggle to survive in Alabama.

5.  The New Theme Park Is Not Near A Large Population Center

Muscle Shoals is not a large metro area with millions of people living there.  To reach the park, you would have to drive for hours to reach it!  And when you add in the costs for hotels, gas, and food, most people won’t have much money left to spend inside the park.  Most large theme parks are built near and around large metro areas for a reason!  Building a large theme park in a rural part of Alabama is almost like throwing money away.

Look, if this new theme park in Muscle Shoals became a reality, and succeeded, it would change the Muscle Shoals metro forever.  And the addition of 20,000 jobs would help Muscle Shoals a lot.  But, I think this is all fluff and nonsense talk.  These people are living in lala land thinking a large theme park will succeed in Muscle Shoals.  Sorry, when I read about the press conference and saw the photos and videos, I laughed.  Because I never see this happening in Muscle Shoals.

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