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An Open Letter To Judge Roy Moore


To Judge Roy Moore, do you hear that?  I mean, do you hear the celebrations, love, and cheers from same-sex couples finally being allowed to marry each other in Alabama?  These couples can now breathe easier if something happened to their partner, or while dealing with child custody issues, or saving money while doing taxes.  Indeed, the time for celebration and love in Alabama is now here!  And you tried to stop it with a last minute court order while I was watching The Walking Dead Sunday night.

I mean, you think the state has more power than the federal government?  And you actually think any federal court order does not matter in Alabama and should not be obeyed.  One question I have to ask, which law school did you go to?  Because one of the first things they teach you in law school is any federal court order always trumps the state order, it always does!  Every state that has had their ban on same-sex marriages overturned has allowed it with ease, but Alabama had to become the laughing stock because Alabama became that state that had to fight a federal court order the most.  Where did we see this before?

So now, the US Supreme Court has refused to stop same-sex marriages in Alabama by a 7-2 vote.  And because of this opinion, the chances the Supreme Court will overturn all state same-sex marriage bans is good!  But you even said if the Supreme Court overturned all same-sex marriage bans, you would still disobey the federal court order.  Come on Roy Moore, you do remember what happened when you disobeyed a federal court order in the past, it resulted in you being fired!  Maybe you are following the opinions of many in Alabama, where a study said Alabama ranks last in support for gay marriage.  That does not mean you disobey and break the law yourself!

When you put out your last minute scare on Sunday night, it did not stop some probate judges from allowing same-sex couples to marry and celebrate love on Monday.  Face it, when the Mississippi KKK celebrates what you are doing because of your stand for state’s rights and the disapproval of same-sex marriages, you know we have someone in the Alabama courts who should not be there.  And sadly, when I read the comments on social media from people who say they are proud of what Roy Moore is doing, it tells you that we still have a long way to go before Alabama moves into the 21st century.

Roy Moore, you even said the open door of same-sex marriages might even allow multiple marriages.  Or even marriages between men and their daughters, or women and their sons.  I mean really?  This is only about allowing couples of the same-sex to have the same rights as other married couples.  Remember, Alabama voters narrowly allowed inter-racial marriages around 10 years ago, the last state to do so.  And I thought Alabama would be the last state to allow same-sex marriages, thankfully that did not happen!

Face it, Alabama has always gone kicking and screaming on things like the ending of slavery, against the ending of Jim Crow and segregation, and against the ending of discrimination against homosexuals. When you refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the steps of an Alabama courtroom, you caused a worldwide media firestorm that embarrassed this state.  Now, with your silly court order, you single handily caused another worldwide media firestorm that has embarrassed this state.  But this time, we did not have to sit back and see Roy Moore ruin the love of other people, some probate judges went on to allow same-sex marriages.  And more counties are beginning to allow love overtake the hate.

This is not about being a Democrat or Republican, state’s rights vs. federal rights, or being in support or against same-sex marriages.  This is about you, wanting to break the law and risk your job again because you think the federal government does not apply in Alabama.  If Alabama did leave the United States, this state would become a third world country in no time, because this state can’t even fund their government properly!  Thank the lord the federal government has that power to stop stupid things from happening in Alabama!

You can just resist the federal court system, it will result in even more trouble for this state and for you Roy Moore!  For those of you who thinks Alabama should just ignore what the federal government does to this state, good luck with that!  For those of you who think we should just leave the United States, good luck with that!  For those of you who think state’s rights always trumps federal rights, good luck with that!  And for those of you who think Roy Moore is doing the right thing by disobeying the federal courts and is breaking the law himself, shame on you!  You are better than that!

Roy Moore, I hope you will soon realize that allowing same-sex marriages did not ruin Alabama.  Alabama now celebrates love and the marriage of couples of the same gender.  And contrary to what people believed would happen, I’ve yet to see Jesus or God come down to earth, the devil hasn’t made an appearance, the rapture hasn’t begun and there are no signs of the apocalypse. On the contrary, Alabama has seen beautiful sunny days since the beginning of the week, which proves to me that if there is a God, he’s shinning down on the state of Alabama for allowing love to win.  The only thing that changed was that two people in love are now able to get married and live a loving and happy life!

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