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Music Thursdays: Hozier / To Be Alone, Sedated, From Eden


As you know, I am a big fan of the musician named Hozier.  Since his song “Take Me To Church” took off, people are discovering more of his music.  Now, I have three new songs and music videos you need to check out!  The first music video called “To Be Alone” features Hozier sitting in a field of grass and flowers.  Great singing and guitar playing!

The second music video called “Sedated” features Hozier in a dark room with lasers and words on screens.  It’s a beautiful music video.

The third music video called “From Eden” features Hozier alongside a mother and child, with police and other weird things.  Sadly, it looked like Hozier got arrested in this video.

All three songs and music videos featured some great singing and vocals!  And judging by them, people are going to continue listening to the music from Hozier for a long time!

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