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Why I Pick The Seahawks To Win Super Bowl 49


So, each year I do a post talking about which team I think will win the Super Bowl.  And this year, even before we get to the game, there has been a lot of controversy involving the Patriots.  I mean, knowing that you play with deflated footballs?  You know that the NFL would eventually catch on!  Thankfully, there will be no deflated footballs in Super Bowl 49!

Tonight, the Seattle Seahawks will meet the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49 in Arizona.  The Seahawks are coming in to defend their Super Bowl championship from last year.  While the Patriots are coming in to show how stupid decisions can help you win games.  Yep, I do not like the Patriots!  From their coach Bill Belichick to their quarterback Tom Brady, I think the Patriots are overrated cheaters!  And this is coming from someone who is a Red Sox fan!  So, let’s talk about why I want the Seahwaks to win Super Bowl 49, along with the rest of America!

For starters, everyone believes the Patriots have more manpower and talent.  Well, last year the Seahawks shown everyone why starpower does not win Super Bowls!  From the EA Games Super Bowl simulator showing the Patriots winning.

To the Tecmo Super Bowl simulator showing the Patriots winning, I think these video game simulators are overrated!

I’ll make my Super Bowl prediction from animals.  In this video below, Teddy Bear the Porcupine has made the right pick for four years now.  The animal picked the Seahawks to win!

And Waffles The Cat also picked the Seahawks!

Remember last year when the Broncos won the AFC Championship game over the Patriots by a huge margin, while the Seahwaks squeaked by with a win over the 49ers?  Guess what, this year we saw the same outcomes!  The Seahawks squeaked by over the Packers, while the Patriots tore apart the Colts, even with the underdeflated footballs.  I just believe the Seahwaks have more weapons on their team, from a great quarterback named Russell Wilson, to a great coach named Pete Carroll.  The Seahawks have great team talent and a great fanbase that will be heard in Arizona!

I think along with Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett will help the Seahawks win Super Bowl 49!  I believe the Patriots will start off sluggish because they will still be thinking about those deflated footballs and the investigation.  Yes, I think the Patriots will score some points, and I think the game will be closer than anyone thinks.  But, I think the Seahawks will come up with bigger plays, and trick plays to win the championship!  I would love to see celebrity Tom Brady get angry on the sidelines and cry all the way back to the locker room!

Seattle has won eight straight games coming into Super Bowl 49.  Seattle also has the best defense in the league, and that defense will stop the Patriots offense!  Defense wins championships!  And cheating never wins!  I predict that the Seahawks will win 35-31 over the Patriots.  I hope that score is more uneven, and the Seahawks blows out the Patriots.  And those army men on the sidelines have no chance to shoot off those muskets.  Maybe the Patriots will learn why cheating never pays?

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