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This Video Proves That Animals Have Feelings


UPDATE: According to BuzzFeed and Seattle Dog Spot, it looks like the owner of these dogs is a con artist!  You might want to read these two articles below.

I see plenty of animal videos on the internet.  But this video is definite proof that animals and dogs do know what is going on, and they also have feelings like us humans do.  The video comes from the YouTube channel brettvett1, or Brett Bennett, and it’s a sad video.  The video features Brutus the Rottweiler, who has discovered that his twin brother Rottweiler named Hank has passed away.  Hank passed away during the middle of the night, and as you see in the video below, Brutus does not want to leave Hank’s side.  You can also see the red eyes from Brutus, who was grieving from the loss of Hank.

This video should be proof that animals and dogs have emotions and feelings.  The video was taken 30 minutes after the owner woke up, and discovered the bad news.  Also, the owner is also running a Indiegogo campaign that ends on 11 pm Central on February 1st.  The owner owns a couple of rescue dogs, and they are also homeless. They lost their home in July 2014 and have been homeless ever since. They stay in hotels when they can afford one but mostly live in his Jeep and in the streets.  Due to an injury at work and  getting behind on house payments, Brett and his dogs are living on the streets in Seattle, and he is not a bum, he is just down on his luck.  The Indiegogo campaign is for getting rent money, 1st, last, and pet deposits for a new home!  If you want to help out, go to:

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