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Mishka and Laika Needs To Meet With Gone To The Snow Dogs


No doubt, one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube is animal videos.  There are several great channels on YouTube to get your animal fix.  Some popular channels like  laikathehusky and gardea23 are getting millions of views because Siberian Huskies are so cute!  By the way, I also like German Shepard dogs, just don’t tell Mishka that.

But there is another YouTube channel focusing on Siberian Huskies.  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs documents the lives of Shelby, Oakley, Memphis, and former dog Shiloh.  This is a great channel to get your animal fix!

Last week, The Gardea’s posted this video allowing people to ask Mishka anything.  People are able to leave comments under the video and there will be a future video where the owner will ask Mishka questions from the fans.

I have already commented on the video and said this: “Would Mishka and Laika ever do a video with the YouTube channel Gone To The Snow Dogs, either virtually or in person, that would be awesome!”  I think Mishka and Laika needs to meet with Gone To The Snow Dogs, most likely it would be done via Skype or Google Hangout since Mishka and Laika lives in the northeast and Gone To The Snow Dogs is based in Michigan.

Come on Gardea’s, many people want your dogs to meet the Gone To The Snow Dogs.  It would be one awesome Siberian Husky party!

Learn more about Gone To The Snow Dogs at:



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