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Watch This Amazing Short Film Called Victor


Sometimes we all have some down times in life, but we need to be reminded to not be angry.  In this short film called Victor, the short film is about imagination, solitude, and the sometimes blindfolded quest for happiness. This whimsical journey follows Victor, a peculiar man who has some interesting ideas about how to make friends. With an optimistic plan and a few technological tricks, Victor shows that sometimes all you need is a little help to notice what’s been right in front of you all along.

This film was written and directed by Chad Thompson, and I thought this short film was amazing.  To me it seemed like Victor might be somewhat autistic.  And he wanted some friends along side him to make him happier.  And, when one of your friends needs a little help.  Sometimes you need to give them that help, and in the short film, getting the angry person to not be angry.  If you want to see the film at a nearby film festival.  Victor will be shown at the Montgomery Film Festival on Saturday, January 31st!  Learn more at:

For now, enjoy the short film below!

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