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Enjoy This TableTop Episode Playing The Trivia Game Geek Out!


This week on TableTop, Will Wheaton gets his trivia on!  Wil is joined by Anne Wheaton, Bonnie Burton, and Clare Kramer as they play Geek Out!  This is a popular geeky trivia game where players roll a die to choose from five categories: games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, and miscellaneous. The die even has a blank space which means you can choose any category on the card.  Players then read the challenge next to the color rolled on the die.  Then players challenge each other to see who can name the highest amount in that challenge.

If you succeed, you get one point.  But, if you were bluffing and can’t complete the trivia challenge, you get -2 shame points.  And you don’t want shame points!  In the video below, you see them playing Geek Out! and Geek Out! Pop Culture Party.  So, can Wil Wheaton finally win something, or will he be going back to the loser’s lounge?  Enjoy below!

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