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2014 Year In Review: Geek Alabama’s Top Geeky Stories



2014, what an eventful year in the geek/nerd world!  From hackings, controversies, and a glut of movie announcements, 2014 will be a year remembered for the weird and crazy things it had!  Here is Geek Alabama’s list of the top 10 geeky stories of 2014!

Sony And Other Hackings

2014 has been a big year for hackings.  No one has had a worst hacking than Sony Pictures, which it’s still recovering from.  2015 will bring more hackings, unless something is done to stop people from hacking into other things!

Glut Of Comic Book Movie Announcements

Both DC Comics and Marvel Studios announced a glut of comic book movies premiering through 2020.  While some thinks this is awesome, I believe this could spell the end of the superhero movie, mostly because there are too many of them coming out, and people will get tired of them.


Gamergate was a really big topic in 2014, mostly because it involved gamers who were harassing others.  I mean come on, people playing video games have nothing better to do than to harass others.  I know geeks and nerds can be better than that!

Star Wars Trailer

We got a first look in the new Star Wars movie coming out in December 2015.  To the African-American Stormtrooper, to the three-sided lightsaber.  There was plenty to talk about and to ponder, until the movie comes out next Christmas!

Heartbleed Bug

A bug that affected many computer programs and software was big in 2014.  Heartbleed stole passwords and made it easier for others to hack into other things.  The one lesson from Heartbleed, make sure you use a strong password!

Apple Watch And Pay

Apple had a great 2014!  From the Apple Watch, the start of Apple Pay, the new iOS8 software, and Tim Cook announcing that he was gay.  Apple had a great year, and will have a great 2015 as well!

Guardians of the Galaxy

The biggest movie of 2014 was about a team of inept superheroes, yep!  Guardians of the Galaxy was such a good movie, and I can see why it was the biggest grossing movie of 2014.  I can’t wait for the second movie!

Twitch Plays Pokémon

Something about many people playing Pokemon at one time was really big in 2014.  Yes, many people logged onto Twitch at one time to play some Pokemon.  Sorry, but I am not a really big Pokemon fan, but I love Digimon!

Orion Spacecraft

NASA launched the future of space travel with the Orion Spacecraft.  Not only this could start up the chances of people vacationing in space, it could also allow humans to travel deeper into space and to Mars!

The Rise Of Cord Cutting

More people are cutting the cord, and channels like HBO and CBS are giving in, and will allow people to watch HBO, without a cable subscription!  This will increase the likelihood that more people cut cable, and stream everything online!

So, what was your biggest geeky story of 2014?  Leave a comment below!

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