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Some Iron Bowl 2014 Videos, Plus My Iron Bowl 2014 Predictions


Tonight, most of the state of Alabama will pause, and watch ESPN for the annual Iron Bowl game.  This year, the Auburn Tigers travel to Bryant-Denny Stadium to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide.  And if you think Auburn’s season is already over, think again.  They would love to end the championship hopes of Alabama, but it will be a very tough task to do that.  We all should remember that Kick Six at the end of last year’s Iron Bowl.  I don’t think you will see a dramatic ending like last year tonight, but we will see!

So, to get you ready for the big game, I am including some cool videos for you to see!  The first video from the YouTube channel SEC Shorts is an Iron Bowl office feud.  Yep, this happens often in Alabama on Iron Bowl week!

The second video from the YouTube channel Kyle Burger and Alabama’s 13 features Kyle talking to little kids about the Iron Bowl.  These kids learn from their parents fast!

And this last video from the YouTube channel Saturday Down South features a very good trailer for the upcoming Iron Bowl

So, what will happen tonight?  Well, I think both teams are going to start off slow.  Judging by how slow both Alabama and Auburn started last week during their home games, don’t be surprised if the score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter.  Both offenses of Alabama and Auburn are capable of scoring, quickly.  So, the factors you should look forward too are the defenses of Alabama and Auburn, and which team turns the ball over the most.  So, after doing some thinking, this is my 2014 Iron Bowl prediction!

Yep, even though I am an Auburn fan, I believe Alabama has more manpower and weapons on their team to win tonight.  Everyone on the Alabama team remembers what happened one year ago today.  They are going to make sure that does not happen again tonight.  So, I expect to see Alabama win tonight by a final score of 31-24.  Yes, Auburn does have a shot to win tonight in Tuscaloosa.  But they must play the most flawless and perfect game of their season tonight, while dealing with the Alabama home crowd.  I think they can do it, but I also think the Alabama team will wear them down.

No matter if you are an Alabama or Auburn fan, enjoy the game tonight on ESPN!

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