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Animation Monday: Bee And PuppyCat


Last week, the YouTube channel CartoonHangover premiered the first new season episodes of the cartoon Bee and Puppycat.  And yep, they were really good!  The first two episodes were about cooking, and almost getting eaten because Bee needed some money.  In the first episode called “Food”, one morning Bee wakes from a dream and is starving.  So Bee gets a new recipe in hand, and Bee and PuppyCat head to the store and then gets to cook with Deckard.  The episode features PuppyCat wanting to be evil and there’s a talking cicada.

In the second episode called “Farmer”, Bee and PuppyCat gets a new assignment from TempBot, and are placed in new uniforms with magic pockets included.   Bee and PuppyCat slide into a farming job on Jelly Cube Planet, and Bee is almost killed and eaten.  Thankfully, magic gum saves the day!

I thought the first two episodes had a really good animation style, and with each episode at around 6-7 minutes each, the episode really flies by fast.  Natasha Allegri, the character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time, is really doing a good job with Bee and PuppyCat, and I can’t wait to see more episodes that premiere every Thursday!  Now, Bee and PuppyCat is not the only good thing happening for Cartoon Hangover.  Channel Frederator, creators of Cartoon Hangover, are partnering with Sony Pictures Animation to create a new “incubator” project to find up-and-coming new creators in the animation community and showcase their work.  Awesome!

Sony Pictures Animation will fund 12 five-minute animated shorts, with one premiering every month on Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel. One of those shorts will then become a limited series for the channel.  And if an animated short becomes very popular, Sony would have dibs to create something even bigger, like a movie for example.  These are very good times for Cartoon Hangover, and it’s great because it gives new animators a chance to shine, and for us animation fans, it gives us some more cool stuff to see!

So, if you are not subscribed to Cartoon Hangover on YouTube, you should be!  Subscribe to Cartoon Hangover at:

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