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Have Leftover Halloween Candy, Donate It To Operation Gratitude


When I went to take photos of trick-or-treating on Halloween night, I saw many houses with piles and piles of Halloween candy.  Now, there is a group called Operation Gratitude that is wanting to get any leftover Halloween candy, so they can send it to the troops.  If you watched the Jimmy Kimmel Live video where they had parents tell their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy, you see the shoutout at the end of the video.

Now, Rock 105.9 WKLS-FM is encouraging people to donate their leftover Halloween candy.  There are two places where you can drop off your Halloween candy.  In Gadsden, you can go to It’s Yogurttime in Gadsden on Rainbow Drive.  In Anniston, you can go to the Quintard Mall and their guest services desk.  When you drop off your candy, please separate the chocolate candy from the non-chocolate candy into two different piles.

All candy must be revived by Wednesday November 12th!

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