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The 10 Things I Would Have In My Horror Movie Survival Crate To Survive


The folks from Man Crates, a company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates that has to be open with a crowbar, yes a crowbar, asked me a question.  But first, here is a video on how to open the crate.

So, what was the question Man Crates wanted me to answer?  What if you were suddenly placed into a horror movie?  If you were running from zombies, or hiding from that serial killer, what would you do?  Man Crates wants me to think about what I would have in my Horror Movie Survival Crate.  And, there are a lot of things I could put into that crate.

As Halloween approaches many rituals go into full swing. Costume hunting, pumpkin carving, and of course, scary movie watching. No matter how many times you see the same story, you still get a kick out of it.  For example, when I watch The Walking Dead, I always root for the zombies!  I am the kind of person who always roots for the evil person, or object, that ruins the lives of the ones who are trying to make it out alive.  I would root for the monster eating the person alive, or the alien killing someone with their lasers, or the zombies eating alive the person left behind, that is the person I am, the more gruesome, the better.

But, what if I was sucked through the TV screen and placed into The Walking Dead, or Jeepers Creepers?  It’s suddenly not fun and games anymore, and one wrong move, and I will six feet under.  So, what would I have with me to survive the zombie apocalypse or that monster snatching people from the sky?  What would I put in my horror movie survivor crate?  Here are 10 things that would be must haves in my crate!

Hand Cranked Flashlight

Yes, everyone will need a flashlight to survive.  But you don’t want to risk yourself trying to find batteries.  A hand cranked flashlight would be your best solution.  And it should come with a radio too, just in case the government sends some important information.

A Weapon

When in a horror movie, everyone thinks the best weapon is a gun, but let me tell you, bullet supplies can run low, or even run out!  So when you don’t have the bullets for your gun, it becomes a useless weapon.  I would use a knife or sword as my best weapon in a horror movie.

Swiss Army Knife

You need a tool that is small, and has multiple uses, since you will be walking a lot in a horror movie.  A Swiss army knife can cut things, open canned food, and do a lot more useful things!  This tool is a must have!

First Aid Kit

Someone in your party, or maybe even you, is bound to get injured, so you need a first aid kit.  Believe me, when you are injured, you are going to feel a lot of pain, and make more noises that gets you noticed, and killed.


Food like chips and candy won’t last too long, and canned food will be in short supply, so reach for a MRE, or meals ready to eat.  They can last for years, and you can prepare their food without being noticed, and that is an advantage!

Water Purification Kit / Storage

If you are hiding, or out in the woods, you must be drinking plenty of clean water.  You need a water bottle to store water, and a way to purify water so it’s safe to drink.  If you don’t drink water, and pass out, you will become the most stupid person, to get killed.

Fire Starter

If you are out in the cold, you also must stay warm by having a small fire.  Make sure you use something to hide the fire from the outside world, or goodbye you!

Pocket Knife

In addition to the Swiss army knife, you need a pocket knife to cut food, cut down branches or rope, or use as an additional weapon if that killer is trying to kill you.  If you stab the killer in cold blood, you just wash it off, and use it again.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape can do almost everything, thank you Mythbusters!  Duct Tape will become useful if you are locking yourself in from that monster, or are trying to keep that tarp up so you can be protected from the elements.

A Good Book Or Game

Most of the time, your heart rate is low, and no threat is coming.  You don’t want the TV or computer on and making sounds and light, so a good book or board game will become useful, unless you want to get bored and crazy.

So there you have it, my ten top items I need in a horror movie survival crate.  What would you have in your crate?  Leave a comment below!  Below, is an infographic from Man Crate about how they would make it until the end of a horror movie!  To learn more about Man Crates, go to:

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