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Sunday Discussion: Last Week Tonight Real Animals Fake Paws


The HBO show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver did something brilliant, and funny!  You see, today in the US Supreme Court, there is a rule that no live TV cameras are allowed.  But, audio recordings are.  So, when you watch the news and they talk about a Supreme Court case, you get the artist drawings with the audio from the hearings, kind of boring.

So, John Oliver challenged the internet in a big way.  He got dogs to re-enact the justices and lawyers, a duck as the court assistant, and a chicken as the court stenographer.  He challenged every news channel to use the footage to make Supreme Court arguments more compelling to watch.  Watch the video segment below to learn more.

And here is the raw video of all the animals in the Real Animals Fake Paws Supreme Court.  Feel free to download it and use it.

And boy did the internet respond to this!  There are over 1,000 videos on YouTube using this footage with the Supreme Court audio.  And some people have taken an entire Supreme Court argument, and made a really good video!  For example, you can hear the entire Obamacare vs. Hobby Lobby case, with real dogs!

Or want to hear the American Broadcasting Companies vs. Aereo case, here you go!

And The Verge and Animalist have joined in the fun!

This entire stunt is to pressure the US Supreme Court to allow cameras in the courtroom so we can see the judicial system at work.  If audio recordings are allowed, video footage should be allowed too!  I wonder if the show will play some of the best videos on their show tonight, let’s hope so!  Brilliant job Last Week Tonight, this was one of the funniest things I have seen all year!

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