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Animation Monday: 10 Classic Cartoons That Deserves A Reboot


On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am talking about classic cartoons I hope will get revived.  Last week, the news came out that the classic 1980’s cartoon, Rainbow Brite, is being made again.  The new series will include the voices of Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald, and the series will premiere online on November 6th with three new episodes each week.  Yeah, I don’t remember anything about Rainbow Brite, but I will give this online series a shot.  Here is the trailer!

With Rainbow Brite coming back, it got me thinking, there are other classic cartoons that deserves a comeback!  So on this Animation Monday, I am going to talk about 10 classic cartoons that deserves a reboot, let’s go!


Probably one of the most popular Disney animated series!  I think a rebooted Ducktales would work today with the new technology, crazy adventures, and of course all of that money!

The Legend of Zelda

This cartoon based off the Nintendo video game was a popular 1980’s cartoon.  Yes, this cartoon could have some great action and animation if it came back!

Inspector Gadget

This classic cartoon featuring a robot cop and dad was one of my favorite cartoons!  Luckily for us, Inspector Gadget is currently being rebooted!  Expect to see the new series in 2015.  Here is a picture of the CGI Inspector Gadget!

Muppet Babies

With The Muppets under the control of Disney, and the two great movies featuring The Muppets.  Disney should consider bringing back a cartoon featuring The Muppets, it would fit in nicely on Disney Junior!


I thought Beetlejuice was one of the wackiest and best classic cartoons while I was a kid.  A reboot of Beetlejuice would be a hit in today’s Walking Dead media world.  Someone needs to reboot Beetlejuice!

He-man and the Masters of the Universe

This was another popular 1980’s cartoon, that deserves a reboot.  I can easily compare this cartoon to The Thundercats.  While the cats got a reboot, He-man is still sitting on the sidelines, that needs to change!

The Real Ghostbusters

I liked watching The Real Ghostbusters while I was a kid.  With the numerous Ghostbusters fan clubs, you would think the Ghostbusters cartoon would be rebooted by now, but hey, we are getting a movie!

The Snorks

I loved watching this cartoon on Cartoon Network.  I compare The Snorks to The Smurfs.  While The Smurfs got a couple of movies, The Snorks are still sitting in the water, that needs to change!


The Underdog classic cartoon series was also popular.  Sure, it got a live-action movie, but it was nothing like the classic cartoon.  An Underdog cartoon reboot would do great today!

Rescue Rangers

This other classic Disney series that was popular deserves a reboot!  The action would be enough to bring back this series!

So, do you have a classic cartoon that should be rebooted?  Leave a comment below, maybe someone will read that comment and another classic cartoon can comeback!

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