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My Thoughts On Oxford Alabama’s First Annual Chili Cook Off


On Thursday night, the Main Street Farmers Market (also known as Downtown After Sundown) in Oxford did the first annual chili cook off!  The competition pitted the Oxford Police, Oxford Fire, and the Oxford EMS to create the best chili dish.  When I got there around 5:30 pm, the market had a good crowd!

First off, I tried the chili from the Oxford Police.  Their chili was more like the standard meat chili most people usually eats.  I enjoyed the meat and other things in this chili.

Then I tried the chili from the Oxford EMS.  Their chili was more of a southwestern style with chicken.  I thought it was okay.

Then I attempted to try the chili from Oxford Fire.  Sadly, they did not have any left.  Someone told me the firefighters were slowly eating their own chili because it was that good.  Too bad I could not try any.

The winner was announced, and the Oxford Police won the first annual chili cook off!  Yep, the fire department did not win the chili cook off.  If there is one thing I would change for next year, I would have the police, fire, and ems make more chili.  Those small cooking pots did not last long.  But otherwise, I enjoyed the chili.

Learn more about Oxford’s Main Street Farmers Market at:

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