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Good News Fridays: Save Piney Woods Chapel


Piney Woods Chapel has been in the Fort McClellan community since around 1942, and it was scheduled to be demolished next week, but it has been put on hold.  The chapel was built around World War II while the military was in Fort McClellan.  When the fort closed, everything inside including the chapel just sat there.  Some things are moving along inside the fort, including some industrial expansion, and from this Google Maps photo below, the chapel was sitting in the way for something new to be built.

The McClellan Development Authority was ready to act by tearing down this historic chapel to make way for development, but the Calhoun County Extension Office was able to save the chapel from demolition.  Now, the clock is ticking to move this chapel before the MDA votes to tear down this chapel.  The Calhoun County Extension Office is wanting to move this chapel to the Cane Creek Community Gardens.  Here is a site plan from the gardens.

So, what is next for Piney Woods Chapel?  It’s going to take around $60,000 to move the building.  And hopefully the Calhoun County Commission or the Anniston City Council can provide the funds to move this building.  If they can’t, I suggest doing a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to make it happen!  The building is a beautiful structure, and after some restoration, it would look great inside the gardens!

Let’s hope they can move the building!  For now, you can keep up with updates from Piney Woods Chapel by liking their new Facebook page at:

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