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The Alabama College And Career Guide And The Many Grammar Errors


So I picked up the Spring 2014 edition of the Alabama College And Career Guide.  The book has lots of information for high school students who are looking for options after graduation.  The book was written and put together here in Anniston, but there is a minor problem in this book.  And for the folks who like seeing proper writing and English, they are going to get annoyed!

For example, some places have some really large spaces.

One page has no spaces in between the words.

In some places, there are some paragraph errors.  And some places have no periods at the end.

And on one page, you see the period outside the quotation marks.  And they forgot to bold one of the steps!

This is just some of the grammar mistakes I found in this book.  The book has the support of the Alabama Department of Education.  And the book is being sent to all high schools, libraries, universities, and other places of learning.  The funny thing is, this book will be given to high school students, and they will see these grammar mistakes all throughout the magazine.  This makes Alabama look not so smart and gives the impression that people in Alabama are dumb.  Is this what the folks from the Alabama College And Career Guide are wanting?

And, are the folks from the Alabama College And Career Guide too cheap to hire a proofreader?  I knew the Anniston/Oxford area is in the dumps economically, I guess since the area has a bad economy, they could not hire a proofreader to check the magazine before it was sent off to the printers?  If I was in charge at the Alabama College And Career Guide, and saw this many grammar mistakes, I would recall the magazines, fix the errors, and re-print the magazines.  Seeing the grammar mistakes in a book aimed in making students better prepared at life is an embarrassment.

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