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Animation Monday: Drive Home, The Palace, Where Are They Now


On this Animation Monday, it’s back to some creative animated short films!

Drive Home

From the Vimeo channel , comes the film Drive Home.  The video was made over a period of 5 months and was released on Steven Wilson’s ‘Drive Home EP’. The video follows the story from the Drive Home and the artwork for the video is based on Hajo Müller’s illustrations, from the book included with the album.  Part of the film is made using painted cut-out puppets, animated on a glass multi-plane. The rest of the video is shot using stop motion puppets and sets.  Everything in the video was painstakingly covered with torn up newspaper print.  This was one cool video!

The Palace

From the Vimeo channel , comes a video about a crumbling world.  And a boy is trapped and must find a way to escape the world that has been left in ruins.  The Palace is a film about loss, fear, survival and hope in a dark and foreboding world.  The entire video is in black and white, and was done very well!

Where Are They Now

So what happens after famous cartoon characters have their prime?  In this video from the Vimeo channel , you will see characters such as Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, The Smurfs, Charlie Brown, Inspector Gadget, Garfield, The Thundercats, and more in poverty and struggling.  The animation was created in After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and a bit of CrazyTalk pro 7. All voices were created by the filmmaker, impressive!

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