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Sunday Discussion: Nathan Young’s Ice Bucket Challenge


First off, I have enjoyed a little time away from the computer, mostly to reflect and do some job searching.  Even though I did not post anything for a few days, I still got a lot of traffic!  So that does prove that I have a loyal fanbase, thank you to the Geek Alabama fans!  Now, while I was away, the Ice Bucket Challenge took off.  The challenge is to pour a bucket of ice and water on top of your head and donate $10, or donate $100 to the ALS Association, and avoid getting soaked.  Many people have taken the first option, and have gotten soaked!  Now, here is my Ice Bucket Challenge video, and it comes with a twist!

Since July 2011, I have been unemployed, and I have searched the ends of the Earth for anything.  Now, I have gone over 1,200 job rejections, and my challenge is simple, I will do the Ice Bucket Challenge, when someone hires me!  And I really want to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, but being rejected over and over again is tough for anyone, especially me.  I have already lined up the person who will pour the ice over my head, and it’s the person below who photobombed this Batman photo.

And, I have already lined up something crazy to complete the challenge, but nothing will happen until I am hired, even if I have to move away from Anniston Alabama.  Which has become one of the worst places in America for unemployment and the economy, thanks to Forbes, 24/7 Wall St., and other publications.  I am not discounting the insane amount of money raised towards ALS research, which is great, but if I can’t buy the ice and water needed to do the challenge, what can you do?

So, every day starting on Monday, you will see this picture posted on Crowdsourcing Mornings, and on my social media pages.

I have been rejected from a wide variety of jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and even a couple of TV show opportunities as well.  Yes, even people who are a Aspie can be successful in a job, this is something some people don’t get!  To help anyone who is thinking about giving me a shot, I am embedding my visual resume, cover letter, video resume, and visual resume infographics.

If you want to contact me, e-mail me at!

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