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Sunday Discussion: You Should Subscribe To The Munchies Channel


I have a favorite new YouTube channel dedicated to food called Munchies!  The channel is from Vice and was launched in 2014.  Munchies offers groundbreaking content from a youth driven perspective.  In today’s modern world, the formerly tangible pleasures of music, film, and emerging media are just one click away.  Food and the events that manifest around it are one of the everlasting experiences that cannot be replicated by arcs and zeroes.

Munchies chronicles the wide spectrum of the global culinary experience and the diverse voices that are pulling us forward: chefs and home cooks, makers and consumers, the politics and policies of food, “front” and “back of house” restaurant life, old wives tales, and innovative news, and culturally significant indicators in our modern world.  Through engaging original video content, compelling editorial features, articles, how-tos, recipes and events, Munchies offers a signature perspective on the intersection where humans and food connect.

Munchies has put up some interesting videos involving people and food, and on this Sunday Discussion, I thought I would share some of my favorites!  This first video features a guy who has been eating nothing but pizza for 25 years now.  I mean, pizza is good, but this guy is addicted to pizza, why not eat something else?

This second video features another guy who is a sumo wrestler and eats around 10,000 calories a day!  Yep, athletes eat a lot of food during training!

Munchies also has plenty of recipe videos for you to enjoy!  This video shows you how to make the best cheeseburger ever!

And this video shows you how to make a Michelada.  Munchies has how to make drinks videos too!

Munchies has several regular shows, special features, and recipe/drink videos.  If you are a foodie like me, I think you will like the Munchies channel!  Learn more about Munchies at:

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