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After getting tired of being unemployed, seeing multiple people on the side of the road holding up signs saying “help me”, leaders not listening to the people, and seeing multiple buildings for sale and abandoned, it’s time the Anniston / Oxford area did things differently, since we are one of the worst metro areas in America for economics and unemployment.  In this presentation called How To Turn The Anniston / Oxford Area Around, you will learn how small town politics is ruining this area, and ideas to turn this area around.

This presentation talks about the problems, and the solutions to fix the problems in the Anniston / Oxford metro areas!  The area features some people with lots of ego trips, and the “good ole’ boy” system is thoroughly entrenched in the area. Viewpoints from people in this area can be narrow and minds tend to stay closed.  And yes, when change occurs, it usually happens with a lot of kicking and screaming happening.  I am a type of person who wants to force others to kick and scream as things are changed for the better!  Now, enjoy the presentation!


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