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Go Behind The Scenes At The Price Is Right


One of my favorite TV shows is The Price Is Right.  I loved watching the show during the Summer while school was out, or when school was out for the day, or when I was sick.  If it was 10 am, I tuned into CBS and watched Bob Barker give out some awesome prizes and new cars.  Now that Drew Carey is now the host of The Price Is Right, I think the show has gotten more hipper and more current with today’s times!  Now, the team from The Price Is Right has done something awesome, and although the video is almost one hour-long, it’s worth a watch!

The Price Is Right gives you special access to how the show is made!  With 18 different camera angles, you’ll see what it takes to produce an episode of The Price Is Right. Watch everything from one-on-one interviews with the contestants, to casting the show and commentary from Executive Producer, Mike Richards and Director, Adam Sandler. You’ll get total access to what’s happening on stage during the commercial breaks and much much more.  Some surprising things, they actually roll out the big wheel twice during each episode.  I thought they did both big wheel segments in one part of the show.  Also, I loved seeing the reactions from the producers when they say that contestant won or lost way before the contestant knows.  And, they follow a taping schedule like the actual TV schedule, meaning they have two minutes to get ready for they next segment!

Enjoy the behind the scenes of The Price Is Right!

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