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Video Roundup: American Empire, YouTube Complaints 2014, Why You Are Still Alive


It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 16 videos of the week!

Elders React to Epic Rap Battles of History

Great reactions!

American Empire

Interesting video!

Harry Potter vs Twilight Dance Battle


Snow White and the Seven Thugs


Burger King Proud Whopper

I love this video!

Sean Rajaee Wedding Choreography

Great dancing!

Putting On Pants With No Hands

What, how?

YouTube Complaints 2014


British YouTubers Respond To Weird Comments

Great voices!

Why Do Ice Cubes Crack In Drinks


Warped Tour Reacts To Magic


Rafa Nadal: The 2014 #Wimbjuggledon Champion

Hit the ball!

Sugru – Coolest Water Pistol

Very cool, I want one!

10 Insanely Easy Packing Hacks

Very easy!

Why You Are Still Alive

Good question!

29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song – Rob Cantor

Good singing!

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