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Animation Monday: Sesame Street 30 Minute Show, Twaggies, The Robin


This week on Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am talking about three things that all animation/kid show fans should like, so here we go!

Sesame Street Afternoon Episodes

Sesame Street has been a staple on PBS for over 40 years now.  And even today, adults will still watch what Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and other Sesame Street characters will do.  Their YouTube channel often comes out with viral hits!

So now, since Sesame Street has gotten so popular, PBS Kids has announced that you will start seeing a 30 minute episode of Sesame Street in the afternoons beginning this Fall on September 1st.  The reason is simple, kids shows are becoming standard at 30 minutes long, and combine it with some lower ratings for PBS and them wanting to upload episodes to the internet, this makes perfect sense!  More kids and families are watching shows on the internet and through apps, and uploading an entire hour episode online and on mobile takes up a lot of bandwidth and memory.  The 30 minute version of Sesame Street will be also available on the PBS Kids website, its mobile app, and on their Roku channel.

The 30 minute version of Sesame Street will premiere on September 1st, and don’t worry, hour long episodes will also air in the mornings!


Twaggies is where they take a tweet found on Twitter, and turn the tweet into an animated panel.  Now, Twaggies has teamed up with Daily Motion, and they are taking the tweets they find to the next level!  Each month, you will find another animated short where a couple of tweets are turned into short cartoons.  Basically, it is joke tweets animated into real short cartoons!

Twaggies has been making cartoons since 2009, and instead of seeing single panel cartoons, you will see full-blown animated cartoons.  Each episode will center around a theme, or showcase a few very funny tweets.  Twaggies promises that its keeping ears open to all the funny, up-and-coming voices across the blogosphere.  So enjoy the video above, and subscribe to their Daily Motion channel at:

The Robin

I wanted to end this Animation Monday with this video!  The Robin is a short animated film done by .  The video is about someone standing up to pigeon bullies, and the video was really well done, enjoy!

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