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The Most Epic Wedding Proposal Video You Will Ever See


Hey guys, want to take your marriage proposal to the next level?  I have got a video for you!  A guy traveled over 100,000 miles and took four years to make a marriage proposal video, yes, four years and over 28 countries.  Jack Hyer wrote in his travel journal in 2010 that he knew the girlfriend, named Rebecca Strellnauer, he wanted to marry.  So over the next four years, Jack traveled to numerous countries, to lip sync himself to the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers.

On graduation day from the University of Montana, Jack proposed to Rebecca and his line to her was  “I’ve been on many adventures … but the best adventure I’ve ever had is loving Becca.”  Of course, she said yes!  Here is the epic video!

The couple will get married in Montana this Summer.  And the couple got a free honeymoon trip to Belize, thanks to Twitter!

In addition to getting married and going on a honeymoon, the couple volunteered in Africa last year and they would like to help support the kids they worked with.  Please visit the link below if you would like to donate and help support sending the kids to school.

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