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Roadscapes Wednesday: It’s Time For A Speed Limit Increase On Alabama’s Interstates


Pedal to the medal!  In Alabama, the maximum speed limit on Alabama Interstates is 70.  But, many drivers, including me, will often go faster than 70.  For me, I usually go 75 on rural interstates.  When I am going 75, I still get passed by other drivers who are going around 80 or higher.  Now, I think it’s time for Alabama to increase their speed limits on Alabama Interstates to 75.  But that’s not all, some 4-lane highways in rural areas could handle 70.  And some 2-lane roads could easily handle 60 or 65.  Because you know, driving on a wide and open state highway at 55 is pretty boring.

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill allowing speed limits to go up to 75 on their interstates.  Along with the interstate speed limits going up, current 65 mph speed limits would have risen to 70 and limits of 60 would have risen to 65.  But, Governor Scott Brown is going to veto the bill.  And from the story I read in the Miami Herald, did you know that Florida has a free pass law that allows motorists to travel 5 miles above the posted speed limits without risking a ticket.  Wish we had that in Alabama!  If the Florida Legislature gets around the upcoming veto, Florida would join a lot of other states with a speed limit higher than 70.

Believe me, there are stretches of freeway in Florida, like the Florida’s Turnpike, and stretches here in Alabama, like I-65 between Montgomery and Mobile, that should have their speed limits increased.  Yes, some people like the AAA and police departments are against the idea of raising speed limits.  But if Louisiana has already raised their speed limits to 75, and Florida and Mississippi are considering raising their speed limits, Alabama should raise their speed limits!  If Alabama decides to raise their speed limits, another law should also be proposed that would ban people from driving slow in the left lane.  Most states prohibits drivers from hogging the left lane.

Yes, Alabama needs signs saying “Left Lane For Passing Only” on their highways. Also, I know some people are afraid that people are texting and driving and a higher speed limit will mean higher accidents.  Here’s the solution, I think Alabama needs an outright ban of cell phone use while driving!  If you need to talk on the phone, then pull over!  If the state can ease the concerns of the people, then Alabama highways can handle a small speed limit increase.  I don’t think people will start driving 80 or 85 on our interstates, mostly because the interstates already has a lot of traffic on them, and going 80 or 85 will be almost impossible.  So Alabama, will you raise the speed limits, or will drivers continue to drive over the speed limit?

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