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It’s Time The Government Allows Journalists/Photographers To Use Drones


With the last severe weather outbreak last week, drones have become a machine used by people to document the severe weather damage, often a short time after the severe storm has passed.  Now, The FAA is telling drone operators to quit flying, and I find it quite amusing!  FAA regulations currently prohibits the commercial use of drones, even for reporting or photography, and journalists found guilty of using a drone without permission can be fined up to $10,000.  But here is the weird catch, there are no concrete rules when it comes to drone use and yes it creates confusion.  So, drone videos like these below are actually breaking the law?  I call these videos as journalistic wonders!

The FAA has already taken some photographers and journalists to court over the use of drones.  The FAA has even sent cease and desist letters to universities to not use drones for research, now that is wrong!  Why are remote control helicopters with a GoPro camera attached to them so frowned upon from the FAA?  I thought the United States Constitution had the first amendment that protected free speech?  And the first amendment also prevents the government from infringing on the freedom of the press, so why is the FAA trying to violate the constitution?

Drones, or remote control helicopters, have been around for years, in fact you can buy drones at a local hobby shop.  So why are suddenly drones a bad thing, is it because the mainstream media has talked about them, or is it because a town in Colorado thought about issuing hunting permits to people to shoot down drones, or is it because people have become paranoid over the drone issue, and they don’t have the facts about drones?  Yes, the US Military uses drones, but those drones are high-tech, and are not available to the average hobbyist.  The drones used by average people are small helicopters, and many have a GoPro camera attached on them, these drones can not attack people!

Yes, some people have become panicked because companies like Amazon and Domino’s have proposed using drones to deliver their products, and we have seen videos of their proposals.  But that is not coming anytime soon, because the technology to use multiple drones in the air at one time, safely, is not here yet, but one day the technology will be here, and you will be seeing many drones in the air, whether you like it or not.  Drones have proven to be a wonderful asset, from weather coverage, farmers, real estate, action videos, transporting medicine, fighting crime, doing journalism, entertain, and more!  The FAA can not just ban all drones and prevent them from flying, if they did that, are kites next?  That will make kids unhappy!

The FAA has plans to come out with drone regulations around Summer 2015, let’s hope they do not decide to ban them all together, because drones will never quit flying, even if they are banned!  And for the people who are scared that drones can spy on you from the sky, yes the government might be using drones to spy, but the average person is not using drones to spy on others, they are using drones to make cool videos, that we all enjoy!

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