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Music Thursdays: Love You Like A Burrito / Lady Gaga GUY Music Video


This week on Music Thursdays, I am featuring two different music videos that are interesting!  The first music video from The Doubleclicks is about celebrating a food most people enjoys, the burrito!  The Doubleclicks got fans to submit pictures of them holding a sign with a word on it, while enjoying a yummy burrito!  The band got over 200 burrito pictures and videos submitted in 3 days!  Sorry to make some of you hungry after you watch this video, but burritos are yummy!  And this video might make you go out and get a burrito.  As in what is said in the music video, it should be easy to be in love.

And in this movie style music video released by Lady Gaga, and it has over 18 million views on YouTube.  You get to see Lady Gaga in a very confusing way.  There are many different moments you see Lady Gaga in, from being partly in Lego’s, the Michael Jackson look. being an Egyptian queen, being an avatar in a game, being in a bear costume, and wandering around in an eagle costume being shot with an arrow.  Yeah, this is an interesting music video mostly shot in the Haus of Gaga, enjoy G.U.Y. below!

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