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Gaming Review: 2048 Game


This gaming review post is going to talk about the newest gaming craze online called 2048.  This game is a puzzle game and is very easy to play.  Players need to match up tiles with the same numbers which merges into one tile giving a larger or double number of the tiles that have been merged.  You use your arrow keys to move your tiles, and each time you move your tiles, a new number tile pops up on the board.  You goal is to line up the same number tiles and merge them, which will create a new larger number tile.  It’s easy to line up and merge number 2 and 4 tiles, but when you start getting into larger numbers, you have a harder time lining up the large number tiles with all of the smaller number tiles around.

This game really requires some strategy, especially when you get further along in the game.  For the first few minutes, you can’t lose, unless you are really trying hard to lose.  But as the game goes on, you get more and more tiles.  And the only way you can move your tiles is if you have an empty space available.  If you really want to get to the 2048 tile and win this game, you don’t need to be wasting moves and doubling up tiles.  Instead, you need to strategize and figure out which move will bring the most bang for your buck.  Each time you move, a new tile will pop up somewhere.  In the beginning, the tiles are number 2, but as the game goes on, the new tiles will feature larger numbers.

In this game, I have figured out that you must not move too quickly and take your time.  One of the best ideas in this game is to try to move some of your larger tiles to a corner.  And only use them when you need them.  In this game, never let the number 2 and 4 tiles build up, or it will be game over very quickly.  If you are not too careful in this game, you will quickly realize that things have gotten out of control and its soon game over.  In my opinion, if you like playing math based puzzles and want a time killer, then 2048 is for you!  Careful, this game could suck a lot of time from your day!

The game comes from 19-year-old Italian programmer Gabriele Cirulli, and the game is free to play!  To play the game, go to:

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