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Music Thursdays: Three Alabamians On American Idol Are Going On Tour


Tonight, all three Alabamians on American Idol made it into the top 10.  And making the top 10 is a very good thing, because the top 10 contestants will go on a nationwide tour this Summer after the season wraps up and an American Idol is crowned!  So far this season, C.J. Harris, Dexter Roberts, and Jessica Meuse have done very well during the live competition and the three have not appeared in the dreaded bottom three just yet, which is good!

So, the three from Alabama all have a different style of music they are playing, and thanks to Ryan Seacrest revealing the Facebook supervote each week, the three from Alabama are always ranked at the top!  Let’s talk about the style of music from the three contestants.  C.J. Harris is going for a more Blues type of music.  Last night, C.J. did a great performance of “Can’t You See”, certainly one of the best of the night!  Follow C.J. Harris at:

Dexter Roberts is our country guy, and in Alabama, many people love listening to country music!  Last night, Dexter sang his own version of the Alabama anthem “Sweet Home Alabama.”  Of course he inserted Roll Tide Roll into the song.  Since I am an Auburn fan, War Eagle!  Follow Dexter Roberts at:

And then there is Jessica Meuse, who is going for a more soulful/country music type.  So far, the judges have been mixed on her performances, but she has time to gain more confidence on stage!  Last night, she sang “Sound of Silence”, and some complained that the band was off, still, she was not in the bottom three and is going on tour!  Follow Jessica Meuse at:

As some people have asked, which one of the three is the one that could read Geek Alabama the most, easy, Jessica Meuse!  She has already said she likes some things in the geek/nerd culture like ponies.  Hopefully, all three from Alabama will make it into the top 5, then two from Alabama are in the final two!  To ensure that happens, you must vote for C.J. Harris, Dexter Roberts, and Jessica Meuse each week!

And for the producers of American Idol who will soon be planning that nationwide tour.  I hope there are multiple stops in Alabama, since three out of the top 10 are from this state, and the BJCC will be sold out quickly when tickets go on sale.  Alabama has done well on American Idol in the past, this season proves that Alabama knows their music!

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