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My Review Of Late Night With Seth Meyers


Last week, Jimmy Fallon moved to The Tonight Show, so someone had to fill the spot left open over at Late Night, enter Seth Meyers.  Before the Winter Olympics got started, Seth Meyers anchored his final Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, and last night, Late Night With Seth Meyers launched.  First thing I noticed was the new studio for Late Night, which had an industrial kind of feel, I liked the set!  The show started off with Seth Meyers writing a thank you note to Jimmy Fallon which I liked.

During the opening that I liked, it was almost like you were watching a nightly version of Weekend Update.  You could tell that Seth Meyers was just reading those cue cards, and he was talking like he was still behind the anchor desk over at Saturday Night Live.  Some of the jokes were pretty good, while some were not so good, and I liked how Seth Meyers admitted that some of the jokes were not so good.  I am hoping we will see some more variety with Seth Meyer’s monologue, since most late night hosts will include some quick videos and photos in a show’s monologue.

The show’s first visual bit was called Venn Diagrams, which finds the points of intersection between seeming opposites.  I can see this becoming a regular segment.  This was something very original and something I enjoyed.  Some of the Venn diagrams included things about the Sochi Olympics, places more gay friendly than Arizona, and more!  We also got to see an original segment called Costas Vision, which is how the Olympics look when you have pinkeye.  I liked that segment!

The interviews with band leader Fred Armisen and the 8G Band was good, and who knew that Fred Armisen can play that well?  The interviews with Amy Poehler and Vice President Joe Biden were good as well.  Seth Meyer’s style of interview from Weekend Update was seen easily over on Late Night.  One thing I question is the chairs for the guests, wow!, those are some small chairs!

Judging by the first episode, Meyers is going to focus the show more on conversations and jokes.  And Fallon will do more skits, games, and gags.  I did laugh and enjoyed the first episode of Late Night.  And as I am writing this, I am enjoying the second episode of Late Night.  Sure, it will take a little time for Late Night and Seth Myers to find their footing.  But I would not worry, the first episode of Late Night averaged a 2.1 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.257 million viewers overall in fast official ratings from Nielsen Media Research.

Give Seth Meyers some time, and he will be a good Late Night host.  I will continue to enjoy Late Night after The Tonight Show!  Learn more about Late Night With Seth Meyers at:


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