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Video Roundup: What Does Human Taste Like, Bill Gates Viral Video, Mac 30


It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 20 videos of the week!

What Does Human Taste Like

What a weird video!

Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life

Cool video!

Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dispels Poverty Myths

I agree with him!

Bill Gates’ Viral Video:

Great Jimmy Fallon Video!

Verrückt in Kansas City

I want to ride this!

A Guide To American Football

Great animated video!

Disney’s Frozen – “Let It Go” Multi-Language

Love the other languages!

Match Burning in Slow Motion

Love the science videos!

Not Another Sundance Movie

Funny video!

A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

I love this video!

Mac 30 – Thirty Years of Innovation

Happy birthday Apple!

Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk

These folks can dance!

Nick Santonastasso Zombie Pranks Norman Reedus

I love this video!

Arnold Works at Gold’s

I would recognize him!

Walking on Water Prank

Too funny!

Ron Jeremy on a Wrecking Ball


Melon Fragmentation at 2500fps

Too cool!

Ninja Fast Person Switch Prank

I would catch this!

Amazing Bird Steals Egg Camera


Gorilla Wayfare


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